Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
September 25, 2014, 6 PM
On the campus of ITT Technical – Seattle
   12720 Gateway Drive South, # 100, Tukwila

Taking Some of the Panic out of the Disaster

I say “Disaster Recovery” and you think ”backup...”

But it is way more than “backup.” It is the whole “when things go wrong” preparation. The hardest part of that planning is getting organized and getting started.

Remember the last time you misplaced your car keys when you were trying to get out the door to make an important appointment? Were you thinking too clearly as you launched stuff off the desk, couch, counter in your search?

Well the worst part of recovering from a disaster is the pressure to “get it fixed ASAP.” This is not conducive to rational thought. Organized now to get everything you will need in place. There will be enough other people running around aimlessly trying to find contacts, equipment, and people. Don’t be one of them.

This could be hero making stuff.

Join us 6 PM, September 25th.

INTERFACE is a series of educational conferences focused on information security, IT infrastructure (BC/DR, data storage & recovery), and enterprise communications. Now recognized as one of the nation’s premiere IT symposiums, INTERFACE has received 10+ years of enthusiastic support from both the regional IT communities it serves and the ever-growing number of leading solution providers.

The Puget Sound Chapter, AITP is an advisor to Interface 2014 and as we approach the December 4th show in the Washington State Convention Center, you will find a link here to complimentary registration.

We have been promised a URL for the complimentary registration through the Puget Sound Chapter by sometime Monday. So check right HERE on Tuesday (9/23) and we should have it ready.

You can find the Chapter’s newsletter behind the NEWSLETTER navigation button.

David M. Chapin
     President, Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
     Region 2 Malcontent
     Region 2 Student Chapter Coordinator


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