Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
August/September 2017

We continue to search for a new meeting location. Some place in the Northgate area would be great as it is close enough to the core of Seattle that those members/guests/interested public would not be intimidated by the northbound commute while not deep enough into Seattle to deter those of us coming from the Everett area. North Seattle College would be great, but I've been unable to make a contact that could make such a arrangement possible. We still trying. If anyone has a possible alternative, please let us know.

In the meantime, we continue to work with the three major tradeshows -- Cyber Summit, Interface, and IT Summit to provide educational opportunities to our membership and others interested in attending these events.

The rollout of the new CompTIA/AITP association is making progress. The Senior Membership classification is now Association Dues free and we're still working out how CompTIA will pass through that portion of the dues that helps us operate. Membership at the Student level is also currently free. (We welcome participation by Student members, but that membership class can not hold office at the Professional Chapter level.) Preliminary news has suggested that there will be a significant discount in the CompTia certs for members at the Professional level, but details are yet forthcoming.

News here on all of the above as we have anything to forward...

David M. Chapin
     President, Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
     Region 2 Malcontent
     Region 2 Student Chapter Coordinator
     Region 2 Director


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