Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
January 2019

“The Future?”

As we enter the 2019 program year we are going to pause and request some guidance for the program year from our membership.

What is it you want from the Chapter?

What do you need to assist you in the advancement of your career?

We’ve attempted to address a wide spectrum of topics at our monthly meetings. All aimed at giving those who intend to make a long-term career in this industry a broader view of issues that sooner or later they will face as they progress up the career ladder.

Topics covered in 2018 include,
Security of autonomous vehicles (another IT system in which security is being treated as a “add on”), Violence in the Workplace (skills now required across all supervisory positions), Approaches to User Training (instilling and maintaining the skills you and your team need), Close the Skills Gap by Resolving the Confidence Gap (leveraging what you know into the future), IT Lessons from the real world… (Learning acquired by making mistakes), What’s Wrong with this Desk? (security is deeper than a good password), Project Management in 30 Minutes (today everyone is a project manager), Taking Some of the Panic out of Disaster (How to document your way out of the panic), and Real-World Cases of Insider Threat: Combating Malicious IT Insiders (we are our own worst enemy)

If these are not the types of programs of interest to you, what would be more interesting?

Our Chapter has been active as advisors to the CIS program at Edmonds Community College and the Career and Technical Education program for the Edmonds School District. Are these activities in which you would like to participate?

And the really big one… Would you like to step up and take on a leadership position in the Chapter? The current Officers and Board of Directors have about 160 combined years in the industry and we desperately need input from those who are still formulating their career plans.

David M. Chapin

     President, Puget Sound Chapter, AITP


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