Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
January 28, 2016, 6 PM
On the campus of ITT Technical – Seattle
    12720 Gateway Drive South, # 100, Tukwila

It is the belief of almost everyone in the IT industry with whom I have had this discussion that if all else fails, they can always strike out on their own, form their own company, and make it fly. I think it is part of the nature of those who have the talent and attitude that makes them good in this industry.

What many of them do not realize, is that success is more than knowing the technology.

I’ve been there. I made more than twice what I’m making now, but it was grueling work. The technology, the programming, the documentation… that was the easy part. The travel, the client expectations, the competing deadlines, the dealing with suppliers, the clients who wanted just a few more “enhancements” also not included in the scope of the original project… and that was with two partners. I can only imagine what it would have been like to be totally on my own.

If becoming an independent consultant is your dream, or your fall back plan, you cannot afford to miss our January meeting.

Join us as CEO and the wearer of many more hats at Pilgrim Media Services — Past Puget Sound Chapter President, Chris Glanister talks about how being the network administrator at several locations is just to start when it comes to being an Independent Consultant.

For over 30 years Pilgrim Media Services has provided business IT consulting, recording services, live sound, event production and sound system installation consulting in the Puget Sound area. And now for more than 15 years, PMS has delivered exceptional computer services for small businesses and individuals.

David M. Chapin
     President, Puget Sound Chapter, AITP
     Region 2 Malcontent
     Region 2 Student Chapter Coordinator
     Region 2 Director (2016)


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